March 12, 2024

Ultimate Guide to Garage Conversion Contractors

A beautiful garage built by us.

If you have a detached or attached garage, a workshop, or some other structure on your property that you’re not using, converting it into a living space isn’t such a bad idea. You can use it to house guests or rent to make some extra income. 

No matter what the case may be, you’ll need to do a garage conversion, which is much more complex than a simpler DIY remodel. You would benefit immensely by leaving such work to professionals. Here’s everything you need to know about garage conversions and garage conversion contractors: 

What Is a Garage Conversion?

A garage conversion is a home improvement practice in which homeowners usually hire general contractors to remodel their garage or storage space into a living space or a home office. Garage remodeling is a great idea if you have an underused garage, as garage conversion costs about half of what you’d expect to spend on building a home addition from nothing. 

However, the process isn’t as simple as moving your vehicles and other stuff (possibly even junk) outside and moving a couch inside. Garage conversions are much more complex; they’re actually akin to full-blown home renovation projects, since they also imply additional flooring work, insulating the walls, adding HVAC, updating doors and windows, and additional electrical work. 

Benefits of a Garage Conversion

This type of home remodeling doesn’t appeal to everyone since some homeowners still feel they need their garage. For those who don’t, garage conversions are a great way to increase the square footage of their living area with room additions, like adding an extra bedroom, playroom, or a home gym. 

One of the major benefits of adding a new living space to your home is the increased resale value, often without incurring the expenses of obtaining the necessary permits associated with new construction. The same would apply to detached garages, as you’re not actually changing any footprints of your home or other facilities. 

Customization is probably the biggest benefit of a garage conversion project. These remodeling projects allow for a high degree of customization to meet your wants and needs and bring you one step closer to your dream home. 

Garage Conversion Process

Every garage conversion process starts with an initial consultation with a remodeling company, many of which actually offer free consultations. The company’s representative will usually note down your request and vision for the space before discussing with you what can and can’t be done and provide you with a cost estimate. 

If you agree with the costs, the next step is to develop a concrete design that adheres closely to your vision for the space and all the building codes and regulations. Once every detail has been worked out, the contracting company will work out a start date, and you’re most likely to have another meeting with everyone to make sure that your design needs are met before the construction can begin. 

Why Choose Signature Builders?

Signature Builders is a great choice for your garage conversions; we’re a family-owned business with years of experience under our belts, ensuring that your conversion goes smoothly and according to plan. If you’re ready to convert your garage into your dream space, contact Signature Builders today. We look forward to serving you. 

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