Horse Barn Builders

Immerse your equine friends in a world of incomparable safety, refined elegance, and exceptional comfort. We’ll craft a sanctuary tailored to their every need, allowing them to thrive and flourish in unparalleled luxury.

Horse Barn Builder & Contractor

In addition to building backyard outdoor structures, Signature Builders designs and builds beautiful and functional horse barns. In fact, As a leading horse barn builder & contractor, our barns incorporate the latest design and technology for horse and human comfort and convenience.

We take pride in our work and the quality shows.  Each crew works diligently to ensure our customers are satisfied.  We deliver a well-built structure for your horses as well as provide unique details for the tack room and wash racks.  As a result, beautiful exteriors and quality materials will make this a sturdy shelter for years to come!

Signature Builders designs each horse barn to be a home for your beloved equine.  For example, the actual size of a small horse barn depends on the number of horses you have and how you want to care for them. You may choose to have a large run-in or overhang area that provides sun and weather protection too.

Typical small horse barn includes:

  • 2-4 stalls
  • Wash stall or area
  • Storage space for feed/bedding
  • Tack room or area

Signature Builders is the premier horse barn builder on the East Coast. Because of our reputation, we have completed numerous jobs in the northeast states ranging from Maine to Tennessee. Known for craftsmanship, our horse barns and other outdoor structures offer more than just protection from the weather. If you’re looking for quality a horse barn builder for your beloved equine, Signature Builders is your perfect solution!

Visit our social media for additional ideas and examples of our work or contact us directly to talk to someone about our horse barns and other outdoor structures. Include a wish list and our staff can discuss additional options to your plans, such as electrical or water, manure handling, ventilation, and floor covering.

Signature Builders does both new builds and existing structure repairs

Our highly specialized small crew keeps cost down but quality high

Both standard and customizable options available

Fully licensed and insured

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